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Yes. My training, experience, and education have consistently been related to structural engineering. I have a passion for building design, drawings, and practical construction. I have previously worked with structural consultants.

I maintain registration as a Professional Engineer in BC, AB, and YK. My practice area is structural engineering. Building envelope, geotechnical, and architectural components are not included in my scope of work.

Send me an email with existing drawings or pictures. I work mainly with projects that involve residential construction, tenant improvements, steel, and wood-frame.

Fees are based on time, availability, scope of the project, cost of construction, and the project planning stage. Email me any existing drawings and a description of your project.

My drawing packages include engineered set of drawings (24x36) and schedules.

Engineered drawings include the specifications, plans, and details necessary for construction.

Schedules (Letters of Assurance) are forms of commitment for field review on the project.

My goal is to meet all reasonable schedules. Send me an email with existing drawings, pictures, and project requirements. Let me know the proposed schedule and budget, and I can advise on my availability.

Realistically, a set of drawings will take at least 2-3 weeks to develop and issue. This accounts for scheduling the preliminary design meetings, creating the design and drawings, and then having the drawing reviewed. Projects that have more detailed scope or constraints may take longer. Projects that have a set of dimensioned architectural drawings available can be accelerated. Beware of consultants that propose faster timelines.

Talk to the City or jurisdiction in your project area. They will be able to give you appropriate direction on how to plan, design, and safely execute your plan.

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City of Burnaby

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Yes. Send me an email with the architectural drawings and your requirements. I'll give you a call back.

No. My fees are based on time, availability, and scope of the project. The cost of construction is generally controlled by the square footage and current market build cost.

Ask a contractor.


Yes. I enjoy working out the challenges on existing structures.

I would need to see the existing drawings, discuss the project, and observe on site to take measurements. An assessment would be made whether the wall removal is possible.

If the wall can be removed, I design structure and foundations to support the new loads. Sometimes this triggers other upgrades in the existing building. Drawings and schedules would then be submitted for permits. Once the permit is accepted, construction can begin. I support all of my construction projects by being available for field reviews and responding to any site conditions encountered during the build. Once all structural components have been reviewed to substantially comply with the Code, I provide final sign-off.

It is beneficial to involve a structural engineer early on, either through a conceptual design drawing or once existing dimensioned architectural drawings are available.

I am able to design steel stud interior walls, t-bar ceilings, suspended ceiling systems, seismic restraint for mechanical and electrical, hot water tank strapping, suspended artwork, and attachments to existing structures. These operational and functional components are often delegated components on larger projects and have their own seismic requirements.

Please advise if a Schedule S-B or B is requested by the EOR.


I would need to schedule a site review to assess the wall and write a report. Send me an email with existing drawings or pictures. Access to the roof, ceiling, or wall area is usually required to observe the framing. Please be prepared to expose the framing or provide an access point.

I would need to review some preliminary pictures to see if this is in my scope of work. Then I would schedule a field review to assess the area.

Cracking can be a result of any number of causes. These causes may also remain unknown, long-term, or related to soil. If this is an urgent matter, send me an email with existing drawings or pictures first.

It depends on availability, distance, and scope of the review. In the Lower Mainland, my rate is typically between $600 and $800 + GST. The fee includes an on-site field review, a written report, and there is an allowance for any preliminary analysis that needs to be completed.

Send me an email with existing drawings or pictures to discuss further. Field reviews are a fundamental piece of engineering practice and safe construction methods.

Yes. I issue a written report to the client after the field review.

Yes. Before confirming site visits or starting work, I request a deposit. This is part of the service request form that we'll discuss before starting the project.


July 2020. I needed to find a way to make a living during a very interesting time in the world. I registered my practice, made this HTML website (can you tell?), answered the phonecalls, and started designing. Since then I've continued self-employment and have enjoyed the challenge thus far.

I handle all aspects from conceptual design through construction, manage my own availability, and get involved in projects that I'm interested in.

Like all other compliant firms, I operate with a Professional Practice Management Plan that helps establish consistency and quality in engineering processes. My role in the industry is to help designers, contractors, and homeowners that need direct service and attention.

I choose to collaborate with other firms that are open to working with sole practitioners. Usually this takes the form of independent review, peer discussion, secondary analysis, or checking of designs.

Competition in engineering is overrated because the goal is to make society a safe place and to establish best practices. A client is free to determine the value of their project in terms that are critical to them.

Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, I do not have the space to take on extra engineering staff at the moment.

Honestly, that question is best answered by the regulator. I'm happy to have a conversation about how to align your career and make meaningful choices in your work. Get in touch if you'd like to chat.

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