Cavvy Structural Engineering is owned and operated by Mark Budd, P.Eng.

Mark is a Professional Engineer with 16 years' experience in structural design. He has been involved with the design of low-rise buildings, residential wood-frame construction, and industrial steel structures. Throughout his career Mark has also gained experience in niche areas such as seismic restraints, suspended ceilings, attachments-to-structures, foundation design, and structural steel connections. His broad scope of knowledge and expertise continue to add value to his projects.

Cavvy Structural Engineering is operated from a home office in Burnaby, where the local time is . Mark is registered to practice in BC, AB, and YK. He is also a member of SEABC and AISC.

In accordance with the Professional Governance Act and the Bylaws of Engineers and Geoscientists BC, a Professional Practice Management Plan has been developed to maintain consistency and quality in Cavvy Structural Engineering’s work. As part of this Plan, all work undergoes checking and field reviews as determined by the project scope.


B.Sc. (Civil Engineering)
University of Alberta, 2008

Certificate (Technical Communication)
Simon Fraser University, 2018

Certificate (Structural Engineering)
SEABC, 2022


P.Eng. (EGBC)

P.Eng. (APEGA)

P.Eng. (APEY)

Member (SEABC)

Member (AISC)

Work Experience

Walters Chambers & Associates Ltd. (2007-2009), Edmonton, AB

Laviolette Engineering Ltd. (2009-2012), Edmonton, AB

Waiward Steel Fabricators Ltd. (2012-2015), Edmonton, AB

DB Writing Ltd. (2015-2019), Vancouver, BC

Roehampton West Ltd. (2019), Vancouver, BC

Siefken Engineering Ltd. (2019-2020), New Westminster, BC

Project Experience

  • Fairway 10 at The Dunes, Kamloops (2019-2020): wood framing, concrete slab design
  • New Coach House, North Vancouver (2020-2022): new coach house and renovations to 1950's home
  • Custom Home Addition, Whistler (2021): addition to existing wood-frame house
  • Gabled Vernacular Home Renovation, Vancouver (2022): interior renovation of heritage house
  • Repair and Restoration, Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley (2020 – 2021): 200+ assessments and repairs for fire, water, vehicle, and wind damage in collaboration with DSW Structural
  • Villa Caritas, Edmonton (2007-2008): structural steel framing, steel-to-concrete connections
  • JV Driver Fabrication Shop and Office, Nisku (2008-2009): structural steel framing
  • Cargill Canada Plant Expansion, Spruce Grove (2009): stainless steel platforms
  • Waiward Steel, Edmonton (2012-2015): steel connection design for various industrial sites
  • Custom Shop Devices, Edmonton (2013-2015): lifting devices and load rating for OH&S requirements
  • Rooftop Antenna Shroud, Victoria (2019): custom FRP shroud, steel bracing system
  • Steel Frame Repair, North Vancouver (2020): overhead door repairs at Neptune Terminal
  • Slack HQ Custom Ceiling Attachments, Vancouver (2019-2020): attachment and restraint of custom ceiling to concrete slab
  • Hello Nori Ceiling Support, Vancouver (2020): CFS suspended ceiling support and field review
  • North Vancouver Library, North Vancouver (2021): CFS interior window supports, T-bar ceiling
  • Border Burrito Tenant Improvement, Vancouver (2021): seismic restraint of new mechanical components
  • Berkeley Tower, Vancouver (2020-2021): CFS interior walls and ceilings
  • Amazon Warehouse Mechanical Platform, Vancouver (2021): CFS mechanical platform
  • F45 Fitness Tenant Improvements, Squamish (2021): tenant improvements
  • F45 Fitness Tenant Improvements, Vancouver (2022): seismic restraint for mechanical and electrical, CFS interior walls
  • GVCU Admin Office Tenant Improvement, Burnaby (2022): seismic restraint for lighting
  • COV West Annex Accessible Washroom, Vancouver (2023): CFS interior walls and ceilings
  • EPCOR Tower, Edmonton (2010-2011): concrete shoring inspections
  • Metal Building Systems, Alberta (2011-2012): site inspections for metal building installations and foundations
  • The Pearl, Edmonton (2011-2012): concrete shoring inspections
  • University of Saskatchewan Student Residence (2012): concrete shoring inspections
  • Western Archrib Timber Connection Designs, Alberta (2011): independent structural review of calculation package
  • Site Assessments, Vancouver, BC (2019): 50+ sites and code compliance reports for CSA S37-18
  • Seismic Assessment on Multi-Unit Residential Building, Abbotsford (2021): seismic analysis report for repair project
  • Simpson Strong-Tie Yield-Link Moment Frame, Maple Ridge (2021): design review of custom moment frame for residential garage
  • Independent Review of Structural Design (2021-2022): 50+ peer reviews for residential structures designed by other firms
  • Northwest Anthony Henday Drive, Edmonton (2010-2011): pile foundation design for traffic sign structures
  • Northwest Stoney Trail, Calgary (2011-2012): pile foundation design for traffic sign structures
  • Self-Support Tower Foundation, Cranbrook (2019): concrete footing, equipment pad, and site inspection
  • Self-Support Tower Foundation, Abbotsford (2019): deep concrete pile foundation

Continuing Education

  • SEABC E10: Structural Analysis Fundamentals: A Refresher (2018)
  • SEABC C10: Design of Earth Supported Structures (2019)
  • SEABC C11: Timber Design of Light Residential & Commercial Buildings (2019)
  • SEABC C1: Analytical Methods in Structural Engineering (2019)
  • SEABC C13: Structural Steel Design for Buildings (2019)
  • SEABC C5: Topics in Conceptual Structural Design (2020)
  • SEABC C12: Practical Design of Reinforced Concrete (2020)
  • SEABC E5: Seismic Design of Concrete Buildings (2020)
  • SEABC E12: Design of Steel Structures for Seismic Resistance (2020)
  • SEABC C4-1: Introduction to Earthquake Engineering & Seismicity (2021)
  • SEABC C2: Effective Structural Modeling (2021)
  • SEABC E15: Applications of Dynamic Analysis for Seismic Design of Structures (2021)
  • SEABC E29: Python for Structural Engineers (2022)
  • Softek Structural Office: Mastering S-Frame I & II (2008)
  • Softek Structural Office: Finite Element Analysis Applications for Structural Engineers (2014)
  • SFRAME: A301-Dynamics for Structural Engineers (2021)
  • SFRAME: A501-Seismic Analysis and Design in SFRAME (2021)
  • CISC: Seismic Design of Industrial Steel Structures + CSA S16-14 Annex M (2020)
  • CISC: Connection Design I (2023)

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